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1.Before selling
1.1 We supply various Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) arrange from 5-107”, various brand of screen with A+ class, DID video walls, IR/PCAP/nano touchable LCD screen, 3D screen, motion-sensor screen, transparent display, mirror display, etc, these screens apply to security surveillance, digital signage, education, advertisement, interactive kiosk/totem with selling, printing, billing, ticketing, menu ordering, hospital and bank line-up and operation system,etc. USER is veteran in supplying cost effective LCD display and good at offering a whole comprehensive solution for various usage and surrounding.
1.2 Product exterior design.We have 10 product engineers to assist you to achieve your idea become real product. What you need to do is contact us.
1.3 We offer various configuration according to clients usage: display version, standalone version, Android version, Windows, Linux, etc.
1.4 Control software. If client have no control software/scheduling software, dont worry, we can offer control software for client.
1.5 Cloud sever. If you want to control the program in different places via internet without investing a back stage, don’t worry,  we offer cloud sever.


2.1 USER warranty: USER officially promised warranty period is 12 months from the date of delivery.
2.2  If you dont know how to install monitor, video wall. No worries. We offer installation instruction, video instruction, and support via live chat, email and phone, until the device be installed successfully.
2.3 If you are afraid you have no idea how to make the device display your content. Dont worry, We offer user menu, video instruction, and also we provide assistance via live chat, email and phone til link the devices-software-server/LAN and the screen display your program successfully. So you’re never left without a contact. We take pride in providing fast, expert help, no matter your question.
2.4 If you come across product problem during using, please connect to our company as soon as possible, we will handle at once.


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