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Our Story

In 2009
▶In November 2009, “USER” obtained the patent qualification for the monitor assembly device.
▶In November 2009, “USER” participated in 09 Shenzhen CPSE EXPO
▶In October 2009, “USER” won the title of “30 Gold Suppliers of 100 Honest Security Suppliers in China”
▶In October 2009, at the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the National Day, 
“USER” was successfully assembled for Vehicle LCD display in review team to present the 60th birthday for National Day.
▶In August 2009, “USER” proposed a new competitive strategy: developing the best products, providing the best service, and creating the best brands.
▶In July 2009, “USER” was rated as one of the top ten brands in China's security!
▶In June 2009, “USER” successfully passed the brand search of 
HC Network.
▶In May 2009, “USER” was rated as one of China's top ten security brands!
▶In March 2009, “USER” professional LCD monitoring equipment was selected by the border entry and exit checkpoint of South Xinjiang.
In 2008
▶In June 2008, “USER” won the “Top 100 Enterprises in China's Security Industry”
▶In March 2008, “USER” 200 19-inch professional LCD monitors were selected by the Beijing Olympic Committee and received high praise from leaders at all levels.
▶In March 2008, 
“USER” won the top ten brand enterprises in the security industry of JXJ Jiaxin Jie Cup in HC Network.
In 2007
▶In November 2007, the company implemented KPI performance appraisal for its subordinates for the first time.
▶In October 2007, “USER” participated in China International Public Safety Expo
▶In June 2007, “USER” won the “Top 100 Brands in China”

In 2006
▶In July 2006, it was awarded the title of “Integrity Enterprise in Security Industry”
▶October 2006 “USER” participated in China Public Safety Expo
▶In June 2007, “USER” won the “Most Influential Brand Enterprise in China”
In 2005
▶In August 2005, “USER” began to implement the training plan and implement the human resource strategy of “focusing on the middle layer and building a high-performance middle-level team”.
▶In February 2005, “USER” was awarded the title of “China's most competitive brand in the security industry” by the Security Network.
In 2004
▶In December 2004, Liu Feng, the general manager of “USER”, was elected as “the most influential corporate leader in China's security industry”
▶In August 2004, “USER” was selected as the most professional application of Shenzhen Hi-tech Enterprise.
In 2003
▶In November 2003, the company's leadership proposed “change and innovation, knowing and doing” as the work theme of “USER”
▶In April 2003, Shenzhen USER Special Display Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established.

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