Double Sided LED Digital Signage

Infrared & Capacitive Touch

Wide-View Angle

Windows Ready

Thermal Protection

Thermal Protection

Android Ready

24/7 Usage

Build-in speaker

Build-in Speaker

Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Double Sided LED Digital Signage


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What is User Double Sided LED Digital Signage?

Digital Signages are commonly used to transfer and announce visual information of products, services or other information to the public. Unlike traditional printed, static posters, digital poster allows you have dynamic contents such as multimedia files (GIFs, photos and videos).

Display posters or Digital Signage are designed for both indoor and outdoor environment. Anti-glare, tempered glass used in outdoor LED posters structure has made it fireproof, waterproof and dust-resistant. Generally, there are two models of Outdoor LED Digital Signages named VP3.0 and VP2.5.

Double Sided LED Digital Signage Usages

Education by USER interactive kiosk


at schools, colleges and universities


at exhibitions and company offices

Check-in by USER interactive kiosk


At airport, hotel and etc.

Order by USER interactive kiosk


Items in store or restaurant meals

Schedule by USER interactive kiosk


for public transportation, cinema and etc.

Purchase Tickets by USER interactive kiosk

Purchase Tickets

for public transportation, cinema and etc.

To know more about this product, you should definitely check “Top benefits of digital signage for your business” guide. In addition, explore through some of the features of “Double Sided LED Digital Signage”:

High-quality LED Screen

User provides the double sided LED digital signage with HD intelligent resolution screen which utilizes explosion-proof glass. Anti-reflection and tempered glass makes the device dust and scratch-resistant, dust-proof and waterproof that helps you maintain it in various weather conditions. Besides, Industrial high-performance LED screen ensures high image clarity. high brightness and stability of use via maximum 4000-5000 nits. Different screen sizes are available from 55 inches to 110. USER manufacturing department is ready to prepare in any customized sizes.

Anti-reflection glass of poster

Operating system (OS):

User outdoor double sided LED poster series come with customized operating system that will put your hands to choose your preferred OS among Windows, Android or even standalone OS . In this way, you will supply pleasant user experience for your customers based on their interest.

One-key Operation

dual sided LED digital signage can be operated in two methods:

  • Remote control through wireless connection
  • USB Playback

One-key Operation

Multiple Configuration

You can easily choose among basic level, middle level and top level. Different levels are various in processor from Dual-Core to Dual-Core. Its OS version is available Android 4.1 to Android 7.1 .Moreover we let you to choose your favorite OS between Android, Windows or standalone OS.

Automatic Switch Machine

If you are a busy person who forgets to turn off your double-sided LED digital poster at night, this feature can save you from paying high-price electricity bill. Automatic switch machine will get an administrator schedule and act exactly based on your set time.

Lifetime Technical Support

This is also a crucial support department in User Company. Counting over twenty technician and engineers to help service any issues that might occur during the life cycle of your displays. Our current final failure rate is below 1.7%. We strive on a daily basis to keep lowering these statistics. Our weekly meetings between our after sales and QC teams truly help us achieve these hard set goals.

24/7 Usage

As one the important features of outdoor LED digital poster is to be able to work continuously for long hours and days. User Company poster devices are built for 24/7 commercial use of uninterrupted work with the stable performance.

Front Maintenance

The maintenance of LED display contains front maintenance. With the development in the LED screen industry, the pixel pitch of the LED screen is smaller and smaller. As a result, it makes the maintenance easier and quicker and from the front side

Quick Repair

Wide-Viewing Angle

Unlike a conventional display surface which it’s not possible to view the monitor at 178 degrees (side to side). User outdoor dual sided LED display signage let you have this wide viewing angle keeping display brightness and contrast.

Eco-Friendly Power Timer

The Eco-friendly power timer lets you assign hourly, daily or weekly on and off times for screen. By this feature, the power is consumed as it is needed. Moreover it is be really effective in energy consumption.

Intelligent Split Screen

Intelligent Split Screen is an attractive item in your double sided LED poster control software. It helps to take most benefit of your device and use each of its screens to display various visual content.

Split Screen

3 Years Warranty

User Company has 3 years of warranty for all the products in there will be a technical issue in your display systems. Usersdt Warranty covers the defects resulting from defective parts, materials or manufacturing. The device is considered defective if it fails to perform the functions as indicated in the operation manuals, technical specifications or any other similar documents supplied with the equipment, and the failure is due to internal device characteristics.

User Outdoor LED Poster


Product Model VP2.5 VP3.0
Installation Environment Outdoor
Cabinet Size 1120MM×1920MM 1152MM×1920MM
Machine Size 1312MM×2130MM×230MM 1312MM×2130MM×230MM
Module Size 160MM×160MM 160MM×160MM
Pixel Pitch (mm) P2.5 P3.0
Scanning Mode 16 16
IC ICND2153 ICND2153
Packaging Method SMD1921 SMD1921
Cabinet Resolution 384×640 384×640
Refresh Rate 3840Hz 3840Hz
Brightness 4500nits 4500nits
IP Level IP65
Receiving Card MRV366
Interface Support Ethernet RJ45, USB playback, HDMI input, WiFi, Bluetooth, Infrared, 4G module
Speaker 2×10W
System Android 7.1
CPU Dual Cortex-A72 large core + quad Cortex-A53, Mali-T860MP4
Maintenance Method Front Maintenance
Installation Method Hanging, Wall-mounted, Floor-Standing