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Build-in Speaker

LCD Interactive Whiteboard


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What is User LCD Interactive Whiteboard ?

LCD Interactive Whiteboard that is also known as interactive board or smart board, is a modern, interactive type of whiteboard. Smart whiteboards made great revolution in old ones that was commonly used. High rate of “interaction” has influenced even many small business owner to get their environments with the interactive boards. Touch interactive whiteboard are commonly used in many locations where presentation is done such as educational centers and conference rooms.

You shouldn’t worry about location of your LCD interactive whiteboards, USER provides it with different installation
methods: Hanging, Wall-mounted, Floor-standing, Movable

If you don’t have enough knowledge about LCD and LED display technologies, “Difference between LED and LCD in video wall” is surely a useful guide. Above all, here we explore some of the most considerable features of “LCD Interactive Whiteboard“:

Bezel Free

Width of bezel in LCD interactive whiteboard is one of the most considered criterion in its structure which should be as thin as possible. Otherwise it would make an unpleasant visual experience for you. USER Modern LCD smart interactive whiteboard are bezel free. That’s why you have superb quality images proper for different business environment.

Operating system (OS):

Our bezel free LCD smart whiteboard series come with customized operating system that will put your hands to choose your preferred OS among Windows, Android or even standalone OS . In this way, you will supply pleasant user experience for your customers based on their interest.

Wireless Connection

In this generation of smart board, visual data is not only transferred by cables. This can be done via a wireless connection with different devices. This function helps presenter move freely on the stage and doesn’t have to stand by laptop or PC.

Wireless connection of smart board

Various Display Sizes

Choosing propriate board screen sizes based on your environment size is a signification factor in purchasing intelligent whiteboard. We have considered this issue in our manufacturing. There is no limit for you. We provide screens in different sizes to maximum 203 inches.

various sizes

Multiple Configuration

You can easily choose among basic level, middle level and top level. Different levels are various in processor from Dual-Core to Dual-Core. Its OS version is available Android 4.1 to Android 7.1 .Moreover we let you to choose your favorite OS between Android, Windows, Linux or standalone OS.

Lifetime Technical Support

This is also a crucial support department in User Company. Counting over twenty technician and engineers to help service any issues that might occur during the life cycle of your displays. Our current final failure rate is below 1.7%. We strive on a daily basis to keep lowering these statistics. Our weekly meetings between our after sales and QC teams truly help us achieve these hard set goals.

24/7 Usage

As one the important features of bezel less LCD interactive displays is to be able to work continuously for long hours and days. User Company intelligent whiteboard devices are built for 24/7 commercial use of uninterrupted work with the stable performance.

Built-in mosaic controller

Built-in mosaic controller which is located on display panel, runs complicated shows quite precisely. In fact , it supports DMX512 and DMX-Over-Ethernet protocols to LED fixtures, conventional dimmable fixtures and automated lights. Mosaic Show Controllers also called MSC , offer up to 2048 channels of control from a single controller. Above all, to read more click here .

Easy Operation

LCD interactive board comes with a simple remote controller as an accessory. Few buttons of controller has made its operation much more convenient and easier.

easy operation of interactive whiteboard

Eco-Friendly Power Timer

The Eco-friendly power timer lets you assign hourly, daily or weekly on and off times for screen. By this feature, the power is consumed as it is needed. Moreover it is be really effective in energy consumption.

Wide-Viewing Angle

Unlike a conventional display surface which it’s not possible to view the monitor at 178 degrees (side to side). User LCD interactive whiteboards let you have this wide viewing angle keeping display brightness and contrast.

wide viewing angle

3D Processing Kernel

3-Dimensional digital image processing kernel equipped in LED interactive whiteboards are for precise monitoring of more details.

IPS Commercial Grade Panel

IPS (In-plane switching) is a screen technology for LED monitors. This was designed to solve the unignorable limitations such as strong viewing angle dependence and low-quality color reproduction.

3 Years Warranty

User Company has 3 years of warranty for all the products in there will be a technical issue in your display systems. Usersdt Warranty covers the defects resulting from defective parts, materials or manufacturing. The device is considered defective if it fails to perform the functions as indicated in the operation manuals, technical specifications or any other similar documents supplied with the equipment, and the failure is due to internal device characteristics.

Size 108 inch 135 inch 145 inch 162 inch 174 inch
Model MP108-1.2 MP108-1.2 MP108-1.2 MP108-1.2 MP108-1.2 MP108-1.2 MP162-1.8 MP162-1.8
Application Indoor
Display Size 2400MM×1350MM 2400MM×1350MM 3200MM×1800MM 3600MM× 2025MM 3600MM× 2025MM
Machine Size 2420MM×1500MM ×31.5MM 2420MM×1500MM ×31.5MM 2420MM×1500MM ×31.5MM 2420MM×1500MM ×31.5MM 2420MM×1500MM ×31.5MM
Module Size \ \ \ \ \
Pixel Pitch P1.25 P1.25 P1.5625 P1.875 P1.667 P2.0 P1.875 P2.0
Scanning Mode 45 45 54 30 54 45 45 45
IC ICND2065 ICND2065 ICND2065 ICND2065 ICND2065 ICND2065 ICND2065 ICND2065
Packaging Method SMD1010 SMD1212 SMD1212 SMD1515 SMD1212 SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD1515
Cabinet Resolution 1920×1080 1600×720 1920×1080 1600×900 1920×1080 1600×900 1920×1080 1920×1080
Refresh Rate 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz
Brightness 600nits 800nits 800nits 800nits 800nits 1000nits 800nits 1000nits
IP Level IP60
Receiving Card A5S
Interface Support Ethernet RJ45, USB playback, HDMI input, WiFi, Bluetooth, Infrared
Speaker 2×10W
System Windows 10
CPU 8th generation Core I7-8550U, clocked at quad-core 1.8G, turbo frequency 4.0G, CPU power consumption 15W
Maintenance Method Front Maintenance
Installation Method Haning, Wall-mounted, Floor-standing, Movable