High definition picture perfect quality, Safety glass protects the LCD for public use, High-fidelity quanlity sound, Easy 178 degrees viewing angles











Product advantages :

  1. High-brightness LED backlight (LCD screen), lumens can reach 1500/2000/3000nits,under sunlight environment is still,clear and visible.
  2. Unique LCD substrate wide temperature treatment can reach – 30 ℃ to 60 degrees Celsius, quick start and clear image display in low temperature environment.
  3. Unique military-scale heat-emission technology, with built in heat emission device and high quality fans. Multi air duct infrastructure and dust filter system.
  4. Unique military heat dissipation technology, built-in efficient heat dissipation device and high-quality fan set, multi-duct heat dissipation structure and dust filtering system.
  5. Intelligent light sensor, can be adjusted the screen brightness according to the surrounding environment automatically , so as to achieve the best visual effect, energy saving and reduce the aging degree.
  6. True bright colors display , which can be up to 1920 x1080 resolution.
  7. Outdoor rainproof heat-resistant metal outercasing, and with waterproof and dustproof shell structure which can meet with the condition under outdoor storm environment.
  8. Built-in stand-alone (network) player mothboard (optional), industrial control computer (optional), interactive multi-touch (optional).

Technical Parameter

Product model US-AD*****


Size 32”- 98” Audio system Horn 2×5W(8Ω) or 2×10W
Back type Direct LED Sound mode standard
Display Proportion 16:9 Output Interface PC output interface RJ45 1、USB  2
Physical resolution 1920X1080(typ), 3840*2160(max) L/R Audio output 1 RCA X2
Color depth 16.7M Power consumption Input voltage C 100~240v 50/60HZ
Viewing angle R/L/U/D 89/89/89/89 Standby power / rated power 220w(typ),750w(max)
Brightness 1500nits(typ)


Cabinet Material SPCC
Contrast 5000:1 Exterior color Black,white,gray
Response time 5ms External conditions Working temperature / humidity -0℃~45℃(typ),


Service time 60000 hours Storage temperature / humidity -0℃~60℃
Cooling System Intelligent fans cooling system (typ) , Air conditioning cooling system (Optional)
Protection Grade IP55(fans system), IP65 (Air conditioning system)
Protection Glass 6mm tempered safe glass (typ) , 6mm AR safe glass (Optional)
Material Galvanized steel plate and outdoor special Coating paint(Support Customized design)
Color White, black, silver, Grey, Customized colors
Brightness Control Automatic light sensor system
Product Certification ISO9001,CCC,FCC,CE,ROHS (Optional)

Touch Panel Solutions

Touch Panel Options Infrared Touch (IR Touch ) Capacitive Touch Nano Capacitive Touch
Touch Points 10 points touch 10 points touch 10 points touch
Material IR Tube G+G G+F
Response Time <8ms <3ms <5ms
Touch Times 50 million times 50 million times 50 million times
Transmittance 0.92 0.95 0.85

Standalone OS Solutions

Version CPU Internal Storage Interface System supporting
Display Version E9-B11/ E9-BNC/E6J-AV No storage HDMI/VGA/DVI/USB Android /Windows/Linux OS
Standalone Version Mstar V56 No storage ( 8G/16G available) HDMI/USB/SD Only Standalone OS

Android OS Solution

Configuration CPU Chip architecture Processor Maximum resolution support System Version Storage
Basic level A20 Cortex-A7 Dual-Core 1080P Android 4.1 512Mb +8G
A33 CortexTM-A7 Quad-core 1080P Android 4.4 512Mb/1Gb +8G
A64 Cortex-A53 Quad-core 1080P Android 5.1 512Mb/1Gb +8G
Middle level RK3128 Cortex-A7 Quad-Core 1080P Android 6.0 512Mb/1Gb +8G
RK3368 Coretex-A53 Octa-Core 2K/4K Android 6.0 1Gb/2Gb +8G
RK3188 Cortex A9 Quad-Core 2K Android 6.0 1Gb/2Gb +8G
Top level RK3288 Cortex-A17 Quad-Core 4K Android 6.0 2Gb +8G
RK3399 Cortex-A72 Dual-core +Quad-core 4K Android 7.1 4Gb +16G
Amlogic T960X Cortex-A53 Quad-Core 4K Android 7.1 2Gb+8G

Windows OS Solution

Operating System CPU System Version Graphics RAM Storage
Windows OS Core-i3 Win 7/ Win 10 3.7HZ/3.9HZ 4G DDR ( Max 8G ) 120G SSD / 500G HDD
Core-i5 Win 7/ Win 10 3.2HZ/3.4HZ 4G DDR ( Max 8G ) 120G SSD / 500G HDD
Core-i7 Win 7/ Win 10 3.4HZ/3.6HZ 4G DDR ( Max 8G ) 120G SSD / 500G HDD

Maximum Power Consumption for Fans Cooling Solution




32 inch 43 inch 49 inch 55 inch 65 inch 75 inch 86 inch 98 inch
1500nits power

on mode

180W 200W 260W 350W 400W 450W 750W 1300W
2500nits power

on mode

220W 320W 360W 420W 660W 700W 1200W 1420W
3500nits power

on mode

260W 380W 400W 980W —— —— —— ——
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