AOTO’s smart dark or bright lines calibration already offers a smartphone alternative to manual and camera calibration. InfoComm 2022 saw the introduction of a drone option.


During fine pixel pitch LED screen construction, there is a common occurrence of dark or bright lines appearing between the cabinets or modules, which are caused by panels’ dislocation during installation and have a significant impact on the visual experience.

Manual calibration and professional camera calibration are the two methods that are typically used for calibration. However both of these approaches have limitations. Professional camera calibration equipment is expensive and awkward to carry; besides the system is quite complex, and it is challenging for staff to get started. Manual calibration relies on human observation, the efficiency is limited and quality cannot be controlled.

To deal with these issues, AOTO has developed an intelligent correction system that can be used with a mobile phone to eliminate dark or bright lines in an LED display easily. This system is intended to replace manual inspection and cameras that enable gap calibration. After installation, there will be no more complicated steps; instead, a smartphone can be used to scan the screen, which will then automatically accomplish the system configuration and bring about the debugging.

The correction system uses advanced AI image processing technology, and a single scan can correct multiple lines, increasing efficiency by more than six times. The system adopts wireless networking, allowing multiple mobile phones to calibrate at the same time, and completing the assembly and on-site calibration of the display quickly. The system is simple, clever, and extremely effective; it has been utilised in a variety of projects, where it has contributed to a significant increase in installation speed and a reduction in overall project duration. After the correction, picture quality is significantly improved.

At InfoComm 2022, AOTO introduced a new and upgraded system – intelligent UAV dark and light lines calibration system, which makes use of a drone to intelligently plan paths to automatically complete full-screen accurate calibration. This brings the efficiency and capability of dark and light lines calibration to an entirely new level.

It is developed for the application of larger-sized display screens at height such as outdoor advertising and large-scale concerts. The drone can be used to fly close to the display screen in order to get to the right place and complete system configuration. This method is not constrained by the height of the screen, is not impacted by the surrounding environment, and can level any tricky angle. The scanning and processing range is significantly larger than that of a mobile phone (more than four times as large), and the effect is significantly enhanced.

In addition to the powerful calibration function, the components of the UVA smart dark or bright lines calibration system are wirelessly connected, making it very easy to use. The system supports real-time preview of onboard images, and supports real-time monitoring of drone status, drone altitude, remote control communication connection, remaining battery power, remaining flight time and other information to ensure that all calibration work is carried out smoothly.

Reference : AVinteractive