The company’s DynamicX2Talk retractable monitors and ERT interfaces were combined with Televic and Crestron systems in a project in the lower house of Colombia’s parliament.

Arthur Holm monitors speed up Congress of Colombia votesArthur Holm boardroom technology has been combined with AV systems from Crestron and Televic to create a sustainable, secure and easy-to-use room for the Congress of Colombia’s Chamber of Representatives.

The challenge was to enable politicians to access a wider range of information sources and communication tools while performing their duties, and to create a hybrid paperless environment that facilitated debate and voting.

Colombian systems integrator Matizzo coordinated the installation of 198 DynamicX2Talk 15” and six 17” monitors, as well as 13 ERT-60 units. These were integrated with Televic audio conferencing technology and a Crestron control and video distribution solution.

The DynamicX2Talk retractable monitor provides an automatic tilt by using only one engine with a smooth inclination of 20°, leaving the screen in the optimal working position. The monitor’s cover plate integrates a mechanism to lift and retract gooseneck-type microphones, and is equipped with a patented LED ring that changes colour to indicate the readiness of the speaker ‘to talk’.

The devices were customised with the addition of a touch screen, HDMI inputs and the logo of the institution engraved on the stainless steel, table-top cover plate.

Arthur Holm’s ERT devices provide a convenient system for controlling the motorised monitors and microphone lifts, reducing the installation costs in terms of the equipment needed. An AHlink App, which is integrated into the ERT interface, offers direct access to the most common settings, meaning there is no need to physically access the unit to set it up or diagnose problems.

Manuel Peláez, business development director at Crestron Latin America, said: “This solution helps the government legislate with total transparency, and allows to do it locally and remotely.”

The Chamber of Representatives’ administrative director, John Abiud Ramírez, said: “A vote that took 30 minutes before can now be made in two minutes.”

Reference : AVinteractive