The 4K Ultra HD Webcam PW515, aimed at small rooms and individual professionals, is said to be the world’s first webcam with video effects for Intel graphics.

AVerMedia launches ‘world’s most intelligent’ 4K webcam

AVerMedia Technologies has introduced the 4K Ultra HD Webcam PW515 which is said to be the world’s first webcam with video effects for Intel graphics.

The PW515 is a premium 4K webcam with exceptional video quality to ensure users look their best, regardless of the video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or the lighting conditions.

The PW515 features a large SONY 4K sensor that captures more light than the average webcam, includes HDR and 3DNR technology that delivers vivid colour, and utilises intelligent technology that allows it to work well even under challenging lighting conditions like bright backlight or dim rooms.

It also has an ultra-wide field of view of 100 degrees that can capture and keep every participant in the frame. Additionally, with an AI Gesture recognition feature, users can activate AI framing with a simple gesture to keep all participants in the shot and in focus, without using a remote control thus minimising interruptions to the video conference.

With an ultra-clear, ultra HD video quality, all participants’ nonverbal cues will remain clear and visible even under 4x digital zoom. The PW515’s high-resolution sensor allows it to make intelligent decisions when cropping to keep the video quality consistent. PW515 also comes with two built-in omnidirectional microphones with a noise reduction feature.

The 4K Ultra HD Webcam PW515 is aimed at small rooms and at individual professionals and senior management looking to create a productive workplace to present themselves professionally for video meetings.

For users who are concerned about their digital privacy and security, the PW515 has a built-in privacy shutter.

The 4K Ultra HD Webcam PW515 is Zoom certified and has been validated to be compatible with Barco’s ClickShare Conference.

PW515 users can also download AVerMedia’s free CamEngine 4 software to access a variety of camera settings to customise the video stream. CamEngine has a user-friendly interface and includes features such as image flip, rotation, freeze, capture, AI Framing, and custom ePTZ. In addition, CamEngine also supports the virtual and blur background features leveraging Intel graphics. When used on computers running selected Intel Core processors, users can enjoy an uninterrupted stream as the computer will optimize processing between processors and graphics.

Reference : AVinteractive