The survey of 1,200 executives found that the lobby is the second most chosen place for meetings, with many supporting the use of large video walls to wow and impress.

Barco survey finds meetings taking place in lobbies

Barco has conducted a survey of 1,200 executives across 13 countries to find out how the office is changing and how workspaces are used.

Its main objective has been to find out how the Covid pandemic and lockdowns have affected global office spaces.

The results show a clear desire for more engaging and inspiring workplaces, although regional differences are striking.

Some key findings:

  • 62% of respondents say employees are happy to return to the office
  • 23% are transforming auditoriums and experience centres based on new staff expectations
  • 73% feel that large video walls will help people to collaborate and interact
  • 45% say that large video walls can create a wow effect and impress whoever enters the lobby.

According to the survey, the lobby is the second most chosen space for meetings (49%), and 45% believe it should aim to impress whoever (staff or visitors) enters the building.

Reference : AVinteractive