The 23m x 7m LED display can be seen at Space Stockholm, a modern digital cultural centre in Sweden, and is the first screen of such a size that CT has installed on a ceiling.

Creative Technology’s LED ceiling draws visitors into Space

An LED ceiling is the first thing that meets your eyes when you come into the main entrance at Space Stockholm. As part of a massive technology installation at the relatively new digital cultural centre, the 23-metre-long screen frames the entrance, adds a real wow factor and welcomes visitors.

The idea of ​​the spectacular entrance is to draw attention and to give visitors an immediate idea of ​​what Space is all about. Event organisers are welcome to produce their own content for the screen and can custom design the message to match their specific event, connecting the experience from beginning to end.

The 23-metre-long and 7-metre-wide LED screen is mounted as an upside-down placed ‘U’ in the ceiling, with the visual effect further extended by a mirror at one end, which forms an enclosing framing of the entire entrance.

The screen, from Samsung, has a pixel pitch of 4mm and makes up an area of ​​approximately 5000 x 1700 pixels.

This is the first time Creative Technology has built such a large LED screen in a ceiling. A specially constructed steel frame was set up first to attach and secure all the LED panels.

The tech team also had to consider the sprinkler system, which resulted in eight gaps between the panels – something that in the end turned out to be a successful design concept.

Setting up the screen took about four weeks, as the centre was open to the public and the team could only work from early morning until the afternoon when visitors started to show up.

To play the graphic content in the best way possible, Dataton’s Watchout was chosen as the media server – mainly because the physical placement of the screens required a flexible playout system that could handle different rotations of individual LED panels.

“We have worked intensively in both planning and installing the screen, and now it is finally in place,” said Fredrik Lyckman, senior technical advisor at Creative Technology.

“The response has been extremely positive. People come in here and look up at the ceiling and ask ‘what in the world have we done?’ People are very impressed.”

Reference : AVinteractive