The digital billboard in West Hollywood, California, features two displays with 8mm line spacing, with the content along the edge of the screens blending in with the sky and landscape behind it.

Daktronics produces a ‘floating’ LED billboard for Netflix

Daktronics has manufactured and installed an LED billboard with an ‘invisible frame’ in California.

The digital billboard features two parts, both featuring 8mm line spacing. The traditional billboard is 6m high and 16m long, while the pole display measures 5m by 1.5m.

The billboard, which is in West Hollywood, is the culmination of a three-year project between Daktronics, Netflix and Consumer Experience Group (CEG). The displays work together to provide Netflix with the opportunity to promote its films and series, and the city of West Hollywood with a canvas for emerging artists.

“The ‘invisible frame’ concept to creation was an amazing project to be a part of and will create a unique experience for the people of West Hollywood,” said CEG’s principal, Jeremy Kolieb. “The technology of an 8mm display will provide the flexibility for the Netflix team to continue to create unique experiences for viewers.”

Daktronics project manager Travis Borns said: “These displays were designed to look slim and stand out from the traditional billboard. Even the content includes an invisible frame experience for content along the edge of the screens to blend in with the sky and landscape behind it. This gives the experience of content floating in the air and helps attract viewers in a new way.

“The new billboard is part of a greater vision for the future of West Hollywood. There were many logistics to work out during the project, including a new support pole that required soil tests, archaeology reports and more to ensure the billboard was delivered as planned.”

James Roehrl, Daktronics sales representative, said: “When we were first approached to create a display that looked as if it was floating, we were excited about the opportunity. With the different challenges faced, we also had to make sure we kept the initial creative idea throughout the entire project.

“To have a display with this type of capability along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood is an amazing accomplishment for all parties involved.”

Reference : AVinteractive