outdoor advertising player

What does the “dead pixel” of the Outdoor Advertising Player mean? To understand the problem, first let’s understand the principle of the advertising player. The advertising machine is actually composed of a large number of pixels which can display black and white and the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue. Then, by combining some pixels of different colors, we can accurately see the image displayed by the advertising machine. This is a basic principle of the an advertising player.

The pixels of the outdoor advertising machine under the magnifying glass are square, and each pixel is a luminous point. Each light-emitting point has an independent transistor to control its current intensity. If the transistor of the control point is broken, the light point will always be on or off. This is the bright or dark spot we mentioned earlier, generally called “bad spot”! A specific concept of “dead pixels” is to distinguish several grades of advertising players based on it in the future.

“Dead pixels” are pure black points in the case of a white screen, and pure white points in the case of a black screen. When switching to the red, green, and blue display mode, the point is always at the same position, and it is always pure black or pure white. In this case, it means that the r, g, and b pixels of this point have been damaged, so it is called a dead pixel.

outdoor flexible LED display by USER 3

1. How about the outdoor advertising player?

Outdoor advertising player is a product with higher brightness than ordinary LCD screen. The lighting brightness of the outdoor advertising machine can reach 2000 Nm, and the general LCD screen’s highlight is within 700 Nm, and it is not clear when it is outdoors, while the outdoor advertising machine can be used indoors. The principle of the outdoor advertising player is that its backlight has high brightness, which is close to or even higher than the maximum outdoor brightness of 2000 Nm, so that the outdoor LCD can be seen and displayed.

2. What are the advantages of outdoor advertising machines?

 1. The outdoor advertising machine has a temperature adjustment function to avoid frostbite of the outdoor advertising machine; the perfect internal seismic structure can fully meet the working requirements of various military materials for anti-vibration and low-temperature impact. When the ambient temperature is higher than 60 degrees Celsius, the protection function is activated, and the backlight and LCD screen are turned off. When the ambient temperature is lower than 45 degrees Celsius, the backlight and LCD screen are automatically turned on.

  2. The outdoor advertising player is designed with ultra-low power consumption drive circuit. In the design of the drive circuit, drive efficiency is particularly critical. The driving efficiency of the driving board is between 85% and 95%. Higher drive efficiency helps to reduce the power consumption and heat generation of the whole machine.

  3. The outdoor advertising machine has good brightness. Although the brightness of the outdoor advertising machine is high, it is soft and not dazzling.

  Generally speaking, the advantages of outdoor advertising players are: super bright, high contrast, low power consumption, high and low temperature control function, preheating function, adaptive backlight brightness level, anti-vibration and anti-interference function, long service life, etc. Outdoor advertising machines are widely used. First of all, it is the information query of the general public, such as the business query of the telecommunications bureau, the tax bureau, the bank, the electric power and other departments, and the information query of the city streets. In the future, LCD high-brightness screens will enter our lives more.