‘Drone-controlled dolphin and whale balloons’ have been seen in a visual experience designed by Moment Factory at an indoor concert by rock band Phish.

‘Drone-controlled’ dolphins fly through air at Phish concert

A live concert by American rock band Phish has featured what appear to be drone-controlled dolphin balloons and a drone-controlled whale balloon swimming through the air.

The flying sealife were seen at the Madison Square Garden indoor arena in New York, in a concert with creative direction by well-known experience design firm Moment Factory.

The dolphins and whale made their appearance after the tech team turned up the blue lighting to accompany the Phish song “Waves”, according to the Marcus Le Shock website.

The quasi-aquatic extravaganza took place as part of the visual experience celebrating the planet and Earth Day during the third set and encore of a set of performances that had been rescheduled from New Year’s Eve to late April.

Prior to the performance of the Waves song, long lines of kelp had been dropped from the ceiling during the performance of “Split Open and Melt” while the blue lighting gave the illusion that the performance was taking place underwater. The sound of crackling ice was also heard during a performance of “Ice”, during the band’s encore.

Reference : AVinteractive