The 10-day Immerse Fulldome UK festival at Europe’s first and only 210°, 15m dome will have participants ranging from young 360° filmmakers to health professionals.

Festival in £1m dome will showcase immersive technology

The first and only 210° 15m immersive dome with a flat floor in Europe is to host the inaugural Immerse Fulldome UK festival.

The 10-day festival, which is being held in Plymouth on 4-13 November, will showcase the work of creators and users of immersive technology. Participants will range from the youngest 360° dome film makers (aged six) to health professionals using immersive technology to explore the ‘creative burst’ people with Parkinson’s experience.

The £1 million Dome is set within the recently renovated Market Hall, in Devonport. This new facility aims to open up immersive tech and bring the latest creative technologies to all communities within Plymouth, as well as offering an innovative immersive hub for art, technology and culture.

The Dome, which opened in the summer, was designed by Gaianova and built by Alchemy International (formerly known as WNY). The only other like it in the world can be found at SAT in Montreal, Canada.

The Immerse FullDome festival, which is being organised by community-interest company Real Ideas, kicks off with a schedule of academics and professionals sharing their predictions for the future of immersive technology. The programme includes national awards for full-dome productions; a day dedicated to women in immersive technology; educational screenings with an environmental theme; a jobs and careers day; and advice for those looking to harness investment in expanding their immersive business.

Real Ideas’ chief executive, Lindsey Hall, said: “We’re about breaking down barriers, regardless of ability, age, race or socio-economic factors, and delivering projects that make a tangible difference. We want everyone to be able to experience, use and benefit from the advancing technological opportunities that a rare, and awe-inspiring, facility like the immersive dome brings.”

Reference : AVinteractive