Film star Rosamund Pike joins in ‘3D’ LED creative trend

Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy award-winning actress Rosamund Pike has been cast in the latest ad to attract widespread attention to quasi-3D LED display content.

The actress takes part in a promotion for the Amazon Prime fantasy drama show Wheel of Time which was shown on London’s Piccadilly Lights – the largest advertising display in Europe.

The ‘3D’ LED advert shows a giant hand, belonging to the actress, reaching out of the single 783.5 sqm screen which has a resolution that is 1.4x greater than 4K.

Similar advertising campaigns featuring the 3D adverts have been taking place in Paris, New York, Madrid and Tokyo in what Amazon Prime has said is the first ‘3D’ LED ad campaign run by an entertainment brand.

Pike, 42, who plays the leader of an all-female gang in the drama, filmed special scenes for each billboard location to maximise the illusion of three dimensional content for people on the ground.

Alex Wilson, creative director of brand experience agency Amplify which developed the ad, is quoted in the Daily Mail, saying: “We filmed Rosamund Pike on set in Prague in collaboration with Amazon Studios, capturing multiple bespoke takes. Working with Pike and her movement co-ordinator, we developed choreography that would allow her character to feel like she was genuinely reaching out of the screen towards the audience, no matter what city they were in.”

Film star Rosamund Pike joins in ‘3D’ LED creative trend

Greg Coleman, Amazon Prime Video’s global head of franchise marketing told Adweek magazine: “Our characters are so moving and relatable that we wanted to physically bring them into our world, ‘We didn’t feel traditional marketing options could offer enough of a sensory experience, so we looked to more tactile options such as interactive experiences, 360 trailers and anamorphic billboards—all of which transport our audience into the world of the show.”

He added: “The exact focal length, angle and height of each of our six global sites were matched during the live-action shoot with [Pike], which ensured exact alignment when we composited the live-action footage into the scenes.”

In the UK, the 3D illusion makes use of a DeepScreen 3D content service offered by Ocean Outdoor which operates the Piccadilly Lights screen. The company said the Wheel of Time ad, featuring Rosamund Pike, ran for one week, supported by similar large-screen ads in at its Westfield London, Westfield Stratford City, Birmingham and Liverpool locations. The spot was also shared on Twitter and Instagram where it quickly racked up more than 300,000 views.

The live-action element of the trailer was shot by Matt Bell, director and producer at Wolfshoulder Films. In a video clip shared by Ocean Outdoor, he said: “Watching it in the flesh is truly captivating. It’s a really visceral piece of content where something is reaching out of the screen and touching you. Which is what all advertising, all marketing and content wants to do – and in this case it really works.”

Reference: AvinterActive