Rather than displaying information for passengers, the screen on the platform of a station in Wuppertal showed pornographic content for an hour at the weekend, before staff could obscure it.

German train station display hacked to show pornography

Hackers have manipulated an electronic display at a station on the Wuppertal Suspension Railway, in Germany, to show pornographic content.

The screen, which is about 2m tall and 1m wide and is located on the platform at Oberbarmen station, showed 20 smaller images from a pornographic platform for about an hour at 5pm, according to reports in German newspaper Bild.

As the screen could not be switched off immediately, staff from Wuppertaler Stadtwerke, which owns and operates the display, covered it with tin foil and adhesive tape to hide the images. An external service company provides the content for the screen.

An investigation into the hacking is under way.

Reference : AVinteractive