Giant anamorphic ‘3D’ LED cat turns heads in Tokyo

A giant ‘3D’ cat that meows as it moves around has appeared on a new curved Digital Out of Home screen in Tokyo, Japan, in the latest anamorphic illusion to capture attention in Asia. The cat has appeared in tests for the Cross Shinjuku Vision screen, a 154.7 sqm, 4K resolution, 6mm pixel pitch LED screen located next to a major train station exit.

A Twitter video showing a 17-second clip of the cat’s antics was published by Cross Shinjuku Vision this week and has already attracted 4.8 million views. When the screen is formally opened on 12 July the cat will be shown waking up at 7am in the morning, and falling asleep at the end of the day at 1am, while appearing between ads through the day.

The screen, which was developed by technology firms MicroAd Digital Signage and Yunika and commissioned by the Cross Space company, is located next to the east exit of Shinjuku station, which earned a Guinness World Record as the busiest train station in the world in 2018. Its location is expected to attract 190,000 passers-by on a weekday and 230,000 at the weekend and on holidays. The screen occupies a roof space that would otherwise provide the fourth floor of a building whose lower three flours will be available for use as an event space.

The ‘3D’ Cross Shinjuku Vision cat is the latest eye-catching creative illusion in a trend that started with a giant wave seen on curved Samsung digital signage in South Korea and includes a spaceship breaking free of a curved Liantronics LED screen in Chengdu, China recorded last year. The 3D effect is an illusion of the creative content that can best be seen from a vantage point usually some distance away from one corner of the curved screen rather than a feature of the screen itself.

Reference: AV Magazine