The statue with a moving head and arms will be transformed into giant selfies of visitors through volumetric scanning, and is to be previewed at IAAPA Expo Europe.

Giant statue with LED matrix skin to stand 40 metres tall

A 40-metre tall statue, whose patented skin is made from a matrix of millions of LED pixels, is to be previewed at the IAAPA Expo Europe next week.

The statue, to be known as The Giant, has a head and arms that can move and take the form of any person, including historical figures such as Albert Einstein and Amelia Earhart or stars of today such as Lionel Messi and Beyonce.

It can also taken on the form of visitors, who will be scanned and whose image will be uploaded onto the statue. The result will be what has been described by publicists as the world’s most spectacular selfie.

Giant statue with LED matrix skin to stand 40 metres tall

Intended to be developed as a tourist attraction, The Giant can be seen in the form of a two-metre preview at the IAAPA Expo – the biggest event for theme parks and visitors in Europe to be held at ExCel London from 13-15 September this year.

The Giant team will also unveil new features of the LED statue, including the volumetric scanning system with bespoke software for creating the giant selfies. The scans created can also be transported into AR and VR settings, including the metaverse, and developed as NFTs.

Reference : AVinteractive