A 300 sq m LED screen at Bahrain International Airport allows forced perspective illusions to be shown so that they can be seen from two sides.

Giant two-sided ‘3D LED screen illusion’ unveiled in Bahrain

A four-sided LED display, with a total screen area of 300 sq m, is showing what is believed to be the first forced perspective LED screen illusion that can be seen from two separate vantage points.

The illusion can be seen at the Boutique Sky Screens installation in the Duty Free area at the new Bahrain International Airport.

The Boutique Sky Screens sits in the centre of a circular space and offers vantage points for’3D LED’ illusions in Duty Free and at the boarding gates.

In a demo video, a hand can be seen grasping a bottle of perfume and appearing to move it around outside the contours of the screen, when seen from one vantage point.

JCDecaux, which operates the screens, says quasi-3D ads on the screen are guaranteed a minimum of 1,4440 daily impressions, as the centrepiece LED display is clear of any obstructions and can be seen from passport control, in shopping outlets and at the boarding gates. Arriving passengers can also see the screen while heading to the exit.

Reference : AVinteractive