An early-access programme will share two units of the Project Starline holographic video chat system with participating end-users., including Salesforce, WeWork, and T-Mobile.

Google to test 3D videoconferencing in customer offices

Google is to begin testing Project Starline, its holographic videoconferencing system, in the offices of select customers for the first time.

The system has previously been trialled in the search engine giant’s own offices.

Starline prototypes are being installed at Salesforce, WeWork, T-Mobile and Hackensack Meridian Health offices as part of an early-access programme, with each company getting two units to test.

Some 100 businesses have already demoed Project Starline at the company’s own offices. The installations are the next step to test how the holographic video chats could be used to create more realistic virtual meetings, without needing to use VR or AR headsets.

Reference : AVinteractive