Four projection mappings, which turned the city’s landmark buildings into ‘a techno cityscape of the future’, were driven by Boreal V4+ and Montane V4+ servers feeding Barco projectors.

Hippotizer media servers power Cincinnati light festival

The BLINK light and art festival in Cincinnati featured four large-scale projection mappings powered by Hippotizer media servers.

During the four-day event, which was visited by an estimated 1.5 million people, video installations turned the city’s landmark buildings into ‘a techno cityscape of the future’, bringing artworks and architecture to life and creating striking 3D projections.

The In The Middle installation at Memorial Hall harnessed the power of a Hippotizer Boreal V4+ server running four 1920/1200 signals to Barco HDX projectors to video map and project upon the building’s four pillars and grand architectural shapes with kaleidoscopic artworks.

Elsewhere in the city, the site-specific Massively Distributed artwork invited the public to create visual landscapes using a specially built app. The results were arranged together by the artist and activated via a Hippotizer Boreal V4+ sending four HD signals to an inline stack of four Barco UDX 4K projectors, mounted in portrait formation.

At Cincinnati’s Hanke Building, students from Miami University’s Department of Emerging Technology in Business & Design led a project to showcase their work, naming it Isolation/Unity/Community. They employed two Hippotizer Montane V4+ servers that pumped data to two Barco UDX Projectors.

At the Blond Apartments, the Little Africa 1800 art piece by British artist Vince Fraser saw steamboat graphics sail across the building, which were based on the ships that transported slaves and freed people of colour to Cincinnati across the Ohio River in the 19th century. The animated graphics were driven by a Hippotizer Boreal V4+, feeding data via HDMI to a Barco UDX 4K projector.

Reference : AVinteractive