Spectacular new visuals deployed by EDM artist Eric Prdyz, thought to be produced with multiple layers of transparent LED, are winning fans on social media.

A huge holographic helicopter hovering in the sky forms part of a spectacular show by EDM artist Eric Prydz that is proving to be a big hit.

The helicopter forms part of new and improved visuals that the music star is showing in an updated 2022 version of his HOLO concert show – a version that is attracting a lot of attention in footage shared on social media.

Other giant images in the show include a whale, the Discovery space shuttle, astronauts, and a giant eyeball.

The Swedish DJ and record producer originally launched a HOLO tour in 2019, prior to the pandemic, and is said to be using multiple layers of transparent LED screens to create 3D visuals with an illusion of depth. The HOLO show was developed with support from creative technology firm RES, making extensive use of Avolites AI servers.

The new 2022 visuals can be seen in a promotional video uploaded by the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium, and in fan videos on Instagram. Prydz will be performing at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam from 19-20 October, in shows organised by Tomorrowland, and at other dates around the world.

Reference : AVinteractive