Hypervsn client Dragonfly UAS installed a 72-unit SmartV display to show 3D content developed with what is thought to be one of the largest ever photogrammetry scans.

Huge Hypervsn SmartV wall deployed at Gastech Expo

Hypervsn partner Dragonfly UAS has deployed a huge, 72-unit SmartV holographic display wall at the 2022 Gastech Expo in Milan.

Dragonly worked with Hypervsn’s design lab to create 3D visuals which provided visitors with a “flying tour” of its client’s 6,000,000 sq m energy facility.

To creative the visuals, a combination of 3D point clouds were merged with 12,000 high-resolution images to create what is thought to be one of the largest photogrammetry scans that has ever been seen.

Engagement, foot traffic and brand awareness were measured with the Hypervsn Solution Suite.

Reference : AVinteractive