The fast-food chain’s 6.67mm LED storefront display is made from SNA Display’s EMPIRE Exterior series and extends down one side of the doorway to create a digital gateway.

Jollibee opens in Times Square with jolly nice LED display

Multinational fast-food chain Jollibee tasked SNA Displays to custom manufacture a digital marquee for its new outlet in the 1500 Broadway skyscraper in New York’s Times Square.

Built from SNA Displays’ EMPIRE Exterior series, the LED storefront display is mounted directly above the restaurant’s entrance and tilted downwards toward passing pedestrians.

The digital display, which features a 6.67mm pixel pitch and extends down one side of the doorway to create a digital gateway for customers, is nearly 6m wide and almost 4m high along its tallest vertical edge.

Mikell Senger, project manager for SNA Displays, said: “Tilting the LED display required careful coordination around property lines, overhang restrictions and neighbouring displays. The result is a beautiful, clean installation directly in the middle of the highest foot-traffic area of the city.”

SNA Displays’ client service group manages the display content for Jollibee, in addition to its daily monitoring and maintenance services. The team created a teaser campaign ahead of the store’s opening on 18 August, as well as a countdown clock just before the doors opened.

“We love helping global companies such as Jollibee find ways to maximise their branding and messaging,” said Mike Sabia, director of SNA Displays’ client service group. “Through our carefully curated relationships with content creators, SNA Displays offers so many ways to help brands achieve their vision.”

Reference : AVinteractive