‘Largest LED mesh installation on US building’ unveiled

German lift company TK Elevator has opened a new North American HQ and test facility in Atlanta that features what is said to be the largest LED mesh installation on a US building.

More than 1,000 sqm (10,000 sq ft) of LED mesh covers eight stories of the 420-foot tower which contains both office space and 18 vertical shafts for testing the company’s lifts.

The project is the first use case for a new, fully customisable CLRVU LED mesh product, announced by NanoLumens.

“Our CLRVU mesh-based technology can be used indoors or outdoors to seamlessly blend into the architecture of your building,” said Brice McPheeters, vice president of product and planning for Nanolumens. “One main differentiator for CLRVU is that it allows for the customisation of the display’s resolution, power consumption, and transparency, unlike others. Making a brilliant statement effortlessly is easy with this durable and long-lasting LED display. It’s designed and assembled in the US and built totally to specification in pixel pitches ranging from 10mm-25mm.”

Reference: Avinteractive