LG Electronics is expected to release 97-inch OLED TVs next year, according to the Korea Bizwire, and possibly even larger OLED TVs in the near future.

97-inch OLED TVs

While Samsung is expected to soon introduce smaller microLED TVs at 99, 88, and 76 inches, LG could introduce larger 97-inch OLED TVs as soon as next year.

– “LG Electronics is also expected to release 97-inch OLED TVs next year. The likelihood increased after LG Display announced a plan to release 97-inch ultra large-sized panels at an international forum,” the report said.

It is not clear if the 97-inch panel will have 4K or 8K resolution but the latter seems more likely.

The largest OLED TVs today measure 83 inches (4K) and 88 inches (8K). The 83-inch panel was introduced earlier this year and is currently found in LG’s C1 and Sony’s A90J series.

Even larger OLED TVs

In addition, the South Korean company may introduce even larger OLED models that exceed 100 inches in diagonal.

The report did not provide further details but noted that the “ultra large-sized TV market is growing at a blistering pace”. Models larger than 74 inches grabbed a 14.6% share (value) of the global TV market in the first half of 2021, according to analyst firm Omdia.

– “To compete in the ultra large-sized TV market, LG has been mulling over releasing 100-inch models. Thus far, the largest OLED TV models have been 83 and 88 inches.”.

Reference: Flatpanelshd