Alaraby TV’s HQ features a 430 sq m VF1.5 fine-pitch curved LED video wall with a 3840Hz refresh rate, as well as a movable ceiling-to-floor curved wall and a display of 39mm ultra-slim cabinets.

LianTronics LED video wall is ‘biggest in a Qatari TV studio’

A LianTronics fine-pitch LED wall measuring more than 430 sq m – the ‘biggest LED display in a TV studio in Qatar’ – has been installed in the new HQ of Alaraby TV.

The giant curved LED video wall embeds behind a half-annulus-shaped studio, with 23 sets of smaller rectangular LED screens scattered on either side, extending to the control area. The LianTronics VF1.5 fine-pitch LED video wall features a 3840Hz refresh rate to deliver ultra-smooth broadcasting through cameras. Nano-coating craftsmanship makes the displays more resistant to dust and moisture.

LianTronics LED video wall is ‘biggest in a Qatari TV studio’

Another studio on the same floor also utilises LianTronics VF1.5 series LED display of 39mm ultra-slim cabinets to blend perfectly into the wall, embedding a right-angle convex and concave. In the foreground, an LED screen shaped in an inner curve interplays with the lighting from above and below to give the studio a more modern feel.

Launched in 2015, Alaraby TV is a public TV channel in the Arabic language. After operating in London for several years, Alaraby relocated to Qatar this year, to get closer to its audience. It began broadcasting from its studio in the city of Lusail on August 30.

LianTronics has provided advanced LED visual solutions for media outlets worldwide including NBC, The Washington Post, Televisión Española, Czech Prima Televize and beIN SPORTS TV network.

Reference : AVinteractive