A purpose-built space that features more than 60 interactive exhibits marrying multi-sensory attractions with escapism, education and technology will open in central London on 16 November.

Twist Museum – an immersive experience that marries multi-sensory attractions with escapism, education and technology – will open on London’s Oxford Street on 16 November.

The purpose-built space features more than 60 interactive exhibits by some of the most celebrated names in illusions, including artists, mathematicians, psychologists and neuroscientists.

All of the collaborators have created either site-specific works exclusively for Twist or offered important pieces from their personal archives. Whole rooms have been devoted to creating illusions on a grand scale: the Ames Room, pioneered by Adelbert Ames Jr, replicates the effects of shrinking; the Life Without Colour Room offers visitors the chance to experience a world without its many shades; and the Sound Lab unlocks the extra-sensory powers of people’s ears.

The museum’s founder, Yorgo Philippedes, was keen to provide an educational framework, and consulted with Fiona Macpherson, professor of philosophy at the University of Glasgow, on all exhibits. MacPherson has equipped the team with the theoretical workings behind each attraction and a working knowledge of why brains work the way they do, so that visitors can be better informed.

The museum’s vision was brought to life by a team, including MDM Create, Artists & Engineers, and AV integrator Crossover.

David Sacks, director of Crossover, commented: “This was a really brilliant project to have worked on, particularly rewarding because of the close collaboration with international artists to bring their visions to life with some of the best AV tech around. The whole team on the project including MDM Create and Artists & Engineers have delivered a very unusual, memorable visitor attraction that pops with life, and will amaze visitors of all ages. We would highly recommend a visit.”

Reference : AVinteractive