‘Naked-eye’ 3D LED lion dance shown in three cities

new ‘naked-eye 3D LED’ creative illusion featuring a traditional Chinese Lion Dance has been shown across screens in three countries to celebrate the Chinese New Year festival.

The Spring is Awakened by the Fierce Lion concept, was filmed and produced for ‘naked-eye 3D’ LED screens in Times Square, New York; Chengdu, China; and Seoul, South Korea.

The video was produced by Chinese creative agency Flintwalk which was responsible for a Spaceship ‘naked eye 3D’ LED illusion which has attracted 620 million views on the internet.

Naked-eye 3D LED illusions, also known as forced perspective or anamorphic illusions in the West, have swept across large outdoor LED screens in recent years, typically featuring the sea, animals and vehicles appearing to jump out of a static screen. Beginning as public art projects, the illusions are now available as options for advertisers on DOOH screens in the UK and Europe.

The latest Flintwalk lion dance video combines the folk art of the traditional Chinese lion dances, thought to bring luck and prosperity when performed at spring festivals, with this high-tech creative trend.

The lion dance video’s first outing to celebrate spring was on 26 January at No 20 Times Square, New York at the intersection of 47th and 49th streets.

It was next seen on 29 January at the Naked Eye 3D LED billboard in Chengdu, China.

It was also shown on 1 February at SM Town in Seoul, South Korea, the site of the Giant Wave anamorphic illusion, which first drew widespread attention to the possibilities that giant outdoor LED screens offer for public art projects incorporating forced perspective creative treatments.

Reference : Avinteractive