Touchscreens, 3D motion tracking and surround sound will also immerse players in 360-degree interactive experiences based on the South Korean survival drama, without the need for headsets.

Netflix’s Squid Game brought to life by projection mapping

Immersive Gamebox has teamed up with Netflix to offer a real-life version of the South Korean survival drama TV series, Squid Game.

It will use projection mapping, 3D motion tracking, touchscreens and surround sound to immerse players in 360-degree interactive experiences without the need for headsets.

Launching in the UK and US on 21 September for groups of up to six people aged 16+, the Squid Game experience will comprise six challenges:

  • Red Light, Green Light – navigate your way around various obstacles, including a giant doll
  • Dalgona – carve out specific shapes in the ‘honeycomb challenge’ using the 3D motion tracking on your visor
  • Tug of War – work with your teammates or face dire consequences
  • Marbles – use the touchscreens to fire marbles towards the centre screen
  • Glass Bridge – solve puzzles in order to progress across the stepping stones
  • Squid Game – navigate around the course while avoiding enemies.

Will Dean, chief executive and co-founder of Immersive Gamebox, said: “While the outcome of the game isn’t quite as life or death as the Netflix series, the experience will be full of suspense and have dark undertones, which is something we’ve never done before. Playing the games for real in our immersive spaces will get players’ hearts racing, and the use of motion tracking and touchscreens in the Gameboxes recreates the games in a way that transports you into the Squid Game world.”

Squid Game will launch at Immersive Gamebox’s two sites in London, as well as at the Lakeside shopping centre in Essex and Manchester Arndale. In the US, it will initially be available at eight locations.

Immersive Gamebox’s Squid Game experience will be available beginning September 21st, 2022. The company opened its 13th venue in New York City just last month, joining additional locations in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Denver, DC, Rancho Cucamonga, and San Antonio.

Earlier this summer, Immersive Gamebox announced a partnership with Rovio Entertainment to bring the Angry Birds franchise to its digital smart rooms.

Reference : AVinteractive