The forced perspective illusion can be seen on Cross Vision Shinjuku, a 155sqm, 4K, 6mm, curved LED screen outside Shinjuku train station in Tokyo, Japan.

NIKE Air Max takes part in giant ‘3D’ LED screen illusion

NIKE has taken over a huge LED billboard in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, Japan to show a forced perspective illusion celebrating the Air Max shoe.

A video advertising campaign running from 21 March to 27 March shows the brand’s orange box bursting open to reveal the Air Max in different styles and colours, according to the Drum website.

The campaign is taking place on a notable outdoor LED screen which is 154.7sqm in size, offers 4K resolution and is made with 6mm pixel pitch curved LED.

NIKE’s outdoor advertising campaign is taking place in the run up to Air Max Day, a celebration held annually by fans of the brand on 26 March.

The campaign formms part of a trend which has seen giant LED screens showing quasi-3D illusions in South Korea, China, the UK, Europe and the US.

Reference : AVmagazine