If the 15-second slots are fully booked, the SNA Displays LED screen in New York could display 14,400 messages every day, generating $84m per year for operator TSX Entertainment.

Pay $40 to appear on a 1,670 sq m screen in Times Square

The operator of a new multi-purpose development in Times Square, New York, is offering people the chance to pay $40 to appear on its 1,670 sq m LED screen for 15 seconds.

TSX Entertainment’s “mobile-integrated entertainment platform”, the TSX App, allows 15-second slots to be booked, giving people the chance to put a message in front of some of the 400,000 daily viewers in Times Square.

Scottish TikTok star Darren Dowling has already booked a slot to show him eating a slice of bread on the LED screen, which was provided by SNA Displays. A video of his appearance has generated nearly 190,000 views on the social media platform.

TSX co-chief executive Nick Holmsten said: “The launch of our app introduces a new digital canvas for individuals, innovators and artists.”

The initiative has the potential to generate significant revenue for TSX Entertainment. Calculations that first appeared in the Sixteen:Nine blog show that if the screen is fully booked, it can display 240 messages per hour or 14,400 per day. At $40 per booking, this equates to $230,400 per day, or more than $84m per annum.

The TSX development – which will feature recording studios, a ‘super club’, galleries, restaurants, bars, rooftop terraces and immersive experiences – is due to open to the public next year.