A Seamless bespoke curved dvLED mounting solution was the choice for the video wall at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco – which is 88m wide and 2.7m high.

Peerless-AV fits ‘largest immersive LED wall’ in North Africa

Peerless-AV has provided a Seamless bespoke curved mounting solution for what is thought to be the largest immersive video wall in North Africa.

The dvLED wall at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco– which is 88m wide and 2.7m high, with a radius of 313.46 degrees – comprises 915 Samsung IF025H-E dvLED cabinets within a floating cylinder with a diameter of 32m.

Peerless-AV worked closely with integrator Cegelec Maroc, with Strait Consulting responsible for the sizing and sourcing of the AV equipment, and Samsung France supplying the dvLED panels.

Atrait Consulting was commissioned to design the AV system for the auditorium in 2018 and the project took four years. One of the company’s first tasks was to find a partner capable of designing a mounting structure to support a project on such a large scale.

Managing director Eric Jondot said: “Four manufacturers applied. But faced with the demands and complications that we anticipated, the partner did not simply have to be a support manufacturer. They had to demonstrate expert dvLED engineering capabilities that would ensure the adaptability of the mounting structure in the field when the time came to make adjustments and ensure the precision alignment of each module. Peerless-AV was the obvious choice.”

Gwenaelle Villette, director of sales for France at Peerless-AV EMEA; said “Because of the scale of this facility, we dispatched one of our dvLED engineers from Chicago to handle the execution. He trained the workers on site and guided them on the installation of the mounting structure through to the installation of the dvLED panels and the alignment tests.”

The challenge was to design the mounting structure from architectural plans, as the auditorium had yet to be built. So the structure had to take into account any irregularities in the future construction. The 200mm-thick cinder block wall structure of the auditorium is not a perfect circle – but the video wall had to be. So the Peerless-AV mounting structure had to be machined at a specific angle.

The technical constraints in fitting the video wall included the lintels intended to hold the structure being on an autonomous part of the wall, while the auditorium’s architecture made it difficult to align the pixels on the dvLED panels.

Younes Hannache, project manager at Cegelec Maroc, said: “Peeress-AV’s precision components for tight tolerances and the micro adjustment functionality ensured a seamless flat panel was achieved. Otherwise, we would have had to carry out surveys at each stage, and the installation would have been much longer, for an average result.”

Perless-AV installed the frames and cabinets in two weeks. Special global mounting jigs and spacers allowed the team to scrutinise and perfectly align each of the 184 columns. Each cabinet was seamlessly applied to the frame, without damage to any of the 915 displays.

Thomas Kayat, Samsung Electronics’ display key account manager, said: “Peerless-AV has developed specific, dedicated systems for our dvLED display ranges. There are few companies that can carry out the design, manufacturing, training and installation assistance.”

Reference : AVinteractive