Unveiling new-to-EMEA Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays and a motorised trolley, Peerless-AV also announced the acquisition of dvLED specialist ADF Visual Display Products this week.

Peerless-AV unveils new models amid acquisition news

Peerless-AV has unveiled new-to-EMEA Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Display models and a mobile trolley at ISE 2022 in Barcelona. The models were unveiled in the same week that the company announced the acquisition of California-based ADF Visual Display Products which has providing engineering and manufacturing for some of the most prominent and challenging dvLED deployments of the last decade.

The Barcelona trade show see the first time showing in EMEA of a 75″ Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Display on #3F700 at ISE 2022 alongside new 65″ and 55″ display models.

Designed for all-weather, extreme temperature applications these new models retain an unmatched ingress protection (IP) rating and award-winning feature set with significant mechanical and operating system enhancements that include thermal load diffusion, customised brightness scheduling, auto-source switching, power saving and pixel shifting.

Keith Dutch, managing director – EMEA at Peerless-AV, commented:“We are seeing increased demand for our displays in extreme weather environments dictated by high levels of direct sunlight exposure and heat. This is where the new Xtreme models are designed to excel; performing to the highest of standards in all-weather conditions, from the desert to a polar vortex, and new network control, monitoring and scheduling improvements make these even more reliable, quality products for any outdoor application.”

For more information about the Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Display range, visit eu.peerless-av.com/products/xtreme-high-bright-outdoor-display.

Also at the show is the EMEA launch of a new Motorised Trolley (PR598-M) for large format displays up to 98”. This new addition is easy to install and use, with features including digital height control settings and a built-in pressure sensor for safe use in any education or corporate setting.

The Motorised Trolley offers 500 mm of vertical travel at the push of a button and using the digital controls on the rear of the unit, users can pre-set and save up to four heights settings. A power button on rear of the trolley turns the display on/off minimising cable management and eliminating the need for a remote control, which can often go missing when used across multiple rooms. A built-in pressure sensor provides safe use of the trolley in teaching and presentation environments by automatically lowering or lifting should it sense any resistance or obstruction above or below the display.

A pre-assembled base provides rigidity, stability and quick assembly and 3-inch lockable casters provide easy of movement between rooms. For even more safety during use, security screws lock the display adapters to the backplate. The trolley supports displays up to 98” with a maximum weight of 130kg.

Meanwhile, Peerless-AV has announced the acquisition of ADF Visual Display Products of Southern California. Specialising in complex dvLED construction, the company also acts as a discreet OEM design and manufacturing partner for two of the industry’s best known dvLED infrastructure companies.

“Our dvLED business exploded virtually overnight. We began partnering with ADF on projects where our capacity simply would not allow us to do it in house,” said John Potts CEO of Peerless-AV. “After seeing the quality of the ADF product, for both ourselves as well as another significant name in the industry, we realised that they were the logical addition to our company to facilitate our dynamic growth.”

Some of the most high-profile projects to feature ADF’s engineering and manufacturing expertise include a dvLED video wall at a sports book in Las Vegas. The video wall measures 140 W x 12 H (4,166 Sq Ft) with a total 1680 dvLED displays, configured as a flat to wall into 90-degree concave curve into a flat to wall, as well as a 73 x 5 conical overhead lobby array, where the displays are trapezoidal.

ADF’s most recent custom dvLED design feat for Peerless-AV is a 183 x 5 (288 ft x 8.86 ft), 915 cabinets, 313.26-degree cylinder, fully floating system attached to a university building wall in Morocco.

Reference : AVinteractive