Around 60% of customers opt for contactless purchases, made possible by Samsung screens and Evexi software specified by MediaZest, at a QSR specialising in Turkish-style baked potatoes.

Samsung increases upsell of ‘next-level jacket potatoes’

Friends and business partners Onur and Ozan have owned a successful international creative agency in Bournemouth since 2010. At the back of their minds, they have long been harbouring the idea to bring a little-known Turkish street food to the UK.

Knowing the Brits’ love for the jacket potato, they were sure that a version of traditional kumpir, refined and sexed up for the British palate would go down a storm.

2020 may not seem like the most auspicious time to embark on a new venture, but somehow, the stars aligned and Kumpi was born.

“We are so proud to be able to finally bring our idea to life, and really hope you enjoy your taste of Kumpi!,” they say.

The business was born out of a dark kitchen during the Covid pandemic, fulfilling takeaway orders only. Due to its success, Kumpi launched its first bricks-and-mortar restaurant, with the aspiration of franchising the business in 2023.

To address staffing challenges, embrace digitalisation on the high street and benefit from the opportunity to increase upsell – Kumpi embarked on a full signage refurbishment and bespoke branded software project.

The restaurant worked with AV integrator MediaZest which brought together touchscreens from Samsung with Evexi digital signage software.

Samsung increases upsell of ‘next-level jacket potatoes’

The digital signage project supported the Kumpi store rebranding and increased upsell. It also addresses the post-Covid consumer appetite for contactless purchasing, with 60% of footfall opting for contactless purchases, decreasing staffing requirements.

Kumpi operates with Samsung hardware that includes:

  • Self-ordering Kiosk – KM24A + Evexi Software – a self-ordering kiosk journey, built with an upsell focus in the application to add to average order size and result in increasing sales revenues
  • Digital Menu Board and MagicInfo Cloud – QM43R – showing products with the ability to change pricing or product information through the CMS
  • Offer Screen and MagicInfo Cloud – QM43R – showing promotional offers, and meal deals on a daily basis controlled through MagicInfo
  • Portrait Touch Menu QM43R-T and MagicInfo Cloud – showing menu and allergen information which is a legal requirement

Samsung increases upsell of ‘next-level jacket potatoes’

The Evexi software used by Kump offers native interactive functionality for brands and retailers. The ability to interact with screens in real-time via a mobile device is delivered as an “out of the box” feature. It also offers Open API, ensuring brands can extend their existing systems into digital signage and automate content delivery.

Evexi supports all Samsung Kiosk peripherals as well as payment providers like Square and Striple. Its marketplace products also facilitate ‘no code’ QSR deployments or custom solutions via its open webapp platform.

Reference : AVinteractive