Ergonomic Solutions has launched its SpacePole Kiosk & Signage indoor and outdoor enclosures, which are compatible with a range of Samsung screens, at the NRF show in New York.

Samsung-ready digital signage enclosures launched

Ergonomic Solutions has developed a range of indoor and outdoor digital signage enclosures that provide the platform for bringing multi-channel strategies together for the grocery, retail and quick-service restaurant (QSR) sectors.

The SpacePole Kiosk & Signage product range, which was launched at the NRF 2023 retail show in New York, includes the SPDS1000 and SPDS1001 indoor enclosures.

Available as wall- or window-mounted enclosures for the 55” Samsung QH55R and QH55B screens, these configurations are suited to in-store and outward-facing promotional, wayfinding and informational messaging. The enclosures, which have a slimline footprint, have passed the Samsung Design Review process and are equipped with safety glass and security screws.

The SPDS3001 and SPDS3002 outdoor single or double side-by-side solutions have been designed for the QSR drive-thru, hospitality, grocery and retail environments. Designed to withstand winds of up to 90mph and supplied with an anti-graffiti coating, the enclosures are compatible with Samsung’s OH55F, OH55A and OH55A-S outdoor display screens.

Ergonomic Solutions’ SPDS2000-series is a hook and rail system that has been optimised for the retail, QSR, hospitality and entertainment sectors, and can be configured to meet the requirements for digital menu boards and other ceiling- and wall-mounted applications. The system can support screen sizes from 22” to 55” in portrait or landscape orientation.

The modular hook and rail system allows single or multiple screens, wall or ceiling mounted, to be configured single-sided or back-to-back, and mixed and matched from a range of components, to create a customised installation.

Ian Dewar, chief executive and managing director of Ergonomic Solutions Group, said: “Digital Signage has unlocked a wealth of opportunities for the retail and hospitality industries. It provides a platform that delivers messaging and information in a consumable format for the customer. Samsung’s research has shown that one in five 1 in 5 [people] who viewed digital signage content made unplanned purchases, and nearly 60% wanted to learn more about an advertised product.

“Our expertise in providing modular, configurable and customisable technology mounting solutions gives us an almost unique opportunity to bring the SpacePole brand to a wholly new and exciting application.”

Reference : AVinteractive