Zoom is likely to use the camera above the rear-view mirror, as Tesla follows in the footsteps of Ford electric vehicles which will integrate Cisco Webex.

Tesla to make Zoom video calls standard in all new models

Zoom videoconferencing calls are to be made available in Tesla cars soon, according to an announcement at Zoomtopia this week.

Zoom group product manager Nitasha Walia said Zoom would be standard on all new models.

“You’ve been Zooming from your home, your office, your phone and even your TV,” Walia said. “We’re going to make it even easier for you to Zoom from anywhere.”

Walia did not say whether calls would be disabled while the car is in motion but a call shown taking place in a Tesla Model Y in a video demo did take place while the car was stationary.

Several reports of the announcement have said that it is likely that Zoom calls will use the Tesla car’s camera located above the rear-view mirror.

Zoom calls had been touted as a future feature of Tesla cars as far back as March 2020 by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Reference : AVinteractive