Digital signage in retail

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted retailers to make many changes as well as re-examine the in-store experience when it comes to product interaction. That, according to one industry leader, is accelerating advances in touchless retail display technology, an innovation that benefits the customer experience as well as retail operations given greater insight when it comes to purchase analytics, according to a news release.

“Implementing touchless technologies, including buttons and screens as well as personal handheld device control of displays, over the last year has allowed our clients to transform their displays and address cross-contamination concerns. This means they don’t have to miss a step in their sales and analytics as consumers have become more wary of in-store shopping,” Bob Gatta, CEO of Data Display Systems, said in the release. “They can still do A/B testing, highlight new products, all in a safer way for their customers, employees, and their bottom lines.”

In-store retail provides consumers the ease and personalization they have come to find during a pandemic year filled with online shopping and offers retailers more opportunities to meet shopper’s expectations, the release said.

“We’re always looking for new ways to advance retail display technology so customers are more likely to stay in front of it and interact for longer, so both the consumer and the brand can get a lot of crucial information. Touchless technology seems to already be on its way to becoming the new standard in interactive retail displays, opening the door for continued innovation in design to improve the shopper experience and increase sales,” said Gatta in the release.

Reference: DigitalSignageToday