The lobby display is one of the most eye-catching elements of a design by Gensler for the social media giant’s NYC offices.

TikTok LED tube display resembles NYC subway map

TikTok’s new offices in New York have opened with a lobby display made of LED tubes that looks like the city’s subway map.

The eye-catching installation came courtesy of architecture and design consultancy Gensler.

The new offices cover 150,000 sq ft of floor space across the five top floors of the 58-storey H&M tower, and are intended to house 1,000 employees.

The NYC offices have now been featured on the Interior Design website, with the subject line Gensler Captures the Soul of the City for TikTok’s NYC Office Design.

Gensler has taken motifs from TikTok’s Los Angeles Office, opened in 2019, and translated them to New York City.

Says Interior Design: “The play of the neon elevator lobbies of LA have been re-envisioned with LED panels in colours and images representing pizza, yellow cabs, and the Statue of Liberty. In the café, LED tubes abstract the subway map, while, behind the servery counter, climbing ropes reference Spider Man successfully scaling tall buildings.”

Also notable is a circular boardroom amid the straight lines of the building.

Reference : AVinteractive