The Alan Hotel in Manchester has added Uniguest’s Volara to its Google Nest smart concierge service, giving guests voice-activated access to their favourite music and videos.

Uniguest enhances hotel’s smart concierge in every room

The Alan Hotel in Manchester, born of partnerships between artists, chefs, designers and forward-thinkers, has brought Uniguest’s Volara solution into its eclectic ecosystem with a Google Nest Hub in every guest room.

The design-led and tech-forward hotel is one of only four in the UK to offer Google Nest smart concierge in all its rooms. Guests can access all the information, local recommendations and hotel services they need for their stay just by speaking or tapping on the Google Nest Hub device on their bedside table.

Volara also provides guests with simple access to their favourite music and videos centred around their unique interests.

David O’Connor, head of sales, marketing and community at The Alan, said: “We’re always striving to bring our guests ‘what’s next’ in hospitality. There is no question that the Volara solution is at the forefront of a technology revolution in hospitality.

“As hotels like The Alan aim to differentiate the experience they offer to more efficiently serve and better understand their guests, Volara is the obvious choice.”

David Berger, CEO of Volara and EVP of Voice at Uniguest, added: “As hotel staff have been so stretched over the past two years, I am most proud that we’ve been able to lighten the demands on those staff – reducing call volume and fully automating responses to the most common guest questions.”

Reference : AVinteractive