The hologram was created with Proto’s 4K holoportation Epic device, with Storyfile software answering viewers’ questions with AI-driven responses derived from the businessman’s own words

Walmart’s Sam Walton returns to work as museum hologram

StoryFile and Proto have teamed up to create a life-sized hologram of Walmart founder Sam Walton that can move and answer people’s questions.

Walmart’s Heritage Group unveiled the hologram of Walton, who died in 1992, at the Southeastern Museums Conference in Bentonville, Arkansas.

When asked what he would tell shoppers packing into stores on Black Friday, Mister Sam the Hologram – dressed in beige sports coat, red tie and Walmart hat – said: “It’s very important to smile at a customer, look them in the eye and greet them. Those customers are the reason for our being.”

StoryFile, which is behind the AI-powered conversational video platform Conversa, created the hologram using Proto’s 4K holoportation Epic device.

The partnership between the two LA-based companies creates real-time conversations with dead people. Storyfile records testimony and creates AI-driven responses from it, which are realised via Proto’s presentation of displays life-size volumetric holograms inside a large box.

The hologram teaches Walmart’s core values and Walton’s rules of business, and can answer questions about the retailer’s early history. It will become the centrepiece of the recently renovated Walmart Museum in Bentonville.

Alan Dranow, Walmart Heritage Group’s senior director, said: “Partnering with StoryFile on creating the Sam Walton hologram has brought a new dimension to the Walmart Museum’s array of exhibits. It speaks directly to how we think about our company: people-led and tech-empowered.

“Conversational video is a cutting-edge technology that enables visitors to the Walmart Museum to get a feeling of what it would be like to ask Sam Walton ‘directly’ questions about Walmart’s heritage. It’s educational, inspirational and engaging.”

Reference : AVinteractive