Nowadays as you walk around city one of bright things which is centerpiece of public’s attention is absolutely a video wall. Video wall systems are able to catch focus of anyone through any kind of visual designs at any scale. Even your setting can not affect their performance, they display superiorly anywhere, anytime!!! Do you suppose any other technologies such as front projector or single monitor can be used as alternative for video walls? While obviously for most of companies and organizations video wall system is a significant financial investment. In order you clarify whether it’s worth spending money on the device, Shenzhen User Special Display Technologies has prepared this guide as “advantages of video wall system for your business”.

Video Wall in Business


Generally what we know video wall system is an integrated solution made of an arrays of high resolution display called “tile” that any individual of them is controlled by a powerful computing system named video wall processor featuring this system interaction, performance and flexibility.

No resolution limit : Resolution is definitely a considerable feature for any displays. In other words, more pixels will provide more detailed and high-resolution image for you. As it was mentioned previously, video wall is made from array of tiles (high quality screen). So quality of image increases as each display is added. This means a video wall can have a much larger display area and far higher resolutions than a single display or projector.

This quality becomes more important when we consider device application in my venues such as sport stadium where thousands of audiences are watching final of world cup. Moreover in an international airport displaying instant updates of flight information. Traffic control room could be another setting where high scale display is required.

Powerful Processing : Processing unit in video wall is utilized as an external processor known as controller. This can be also an advantage because external component will supplies a smoother visual performance. Obviously visual content by any single displays can’t be even compared with high-resolution display via video wall powered by dominant processor.

Image Brightness and Quality : Probably one of the reasons that front projector or single displays are no more alternative for video walls, is their brightness level. This issue become more visible when there are put in places on rely of natural light. While you will never face “muted and washed out” problem with video wall systems because of the display technologies – like LCD, LED, and rear projection cubes – used in them.

Flagship McDonalds joint boasts its own LED video wall

Display unlimited content : Opposite of video projectors, video wall processing unit don’t have any limitation in types of accepted resolutions and formats such as computers, cameras and etc. Even all of these signals can be displayed individually or together. While projectors are not able to display from various sources at the same time.

Dynamic Display Plans : In the list of benefits of video walls, surely Dynamic content placement should be an important one. The video wall controller allows you plan your customized display pattern. Based on video wall software which you use, you are able to have a content window placed on a single display, stretched across multiple displays, or dragged across the display surface.

Content Manipulation : A video wall processor is an interface containing lots of tools and features. These are commonly used for Content windows can be arranging, scaling, zooming, cropping, and layering. Content windows can be arranged, scaled, zoomed, cropped, and layered.

Versatility : Honestly finding any other display devices which can be adopted to any scale is quite impossible. The others also don’t have capability to be adopted to different settings. Besides as the last-technology LED lights are used in video wall enable them to have a 24/7 non-stop performance.

Flexible Size & Shape : In fact, one great benefit of video wall that is different from its visual quality could be physical appearance. In other words, you can have them in various forms such as wall-mounted, free-standing, curved, non-rectangular, and even three-dimensional. They can be small portable or quite huge to illustrate quite detailed media in large scale. Besides in all forms they look modern and sharp. Because they’re built with very narrow bezels or even with out them.

Easy Maintenance : Although video wall system might look a lot of care, actually it not true. Due to the highly efficient and reliable light engine technology like LEDs used in video wall they will need much less maintenance. This technology help to deliver maximum reliability and uptime and will work for minimum 50,000 hours without any quality, brightness or resolution loss as it nears end of life. As it’s clear by the fast pace of technology development, this longevity will gradually increase.