‘World’s largest 8K UHD LED display’ opens Winter Olympics

A 10,393 sqm stage floor, comprised of 5mm Leyard LED, and ‘the world’s largest naked-eye 3D LED pentahedron’ were highlights of the opening ceremony.

The world’s largest 8K UHD LED floor display, with an overall area of 10,393 sq m, has played a key role at the Beijing Winter Olympics, illuminating the stage floor of the games’ opening ceremony.

The LED stage was supplied by Leyard International which worked with the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and director Zhang Yimou on the giant project.

World’s largest 8K UHD LED stage
The flagship LED stage floor measures 156 metres long and 76 metres wide and is made with 40,0000 panels of 5mm pixel pitch LED. The resolution of the entire stage is as high as 14800 x 7248, and the screen is divided into four 8K playback areas.

The ground display system was built in midsummer for use in the cold winter. As the Bird’s Nest stadium is an open-air venue, the Leyard technical team introduced aerospace quality management into the work to ensure the durability of each LED module under extreme conditions, and to meet performance stage anti-skid, anti-dazzle, structural load-bearing and electrical safety requirements.

LED ice cube
A giant ice cube in the opening ceremony is 22 metres long, seven metres wide and 10 metres high, weighing 400 tonnes itself while it can lift up to 180 tons. This gives it eight times the lifting load of a lift table in a general-purpose theatre. This is the driving device with the highest power for the entire opening and closing ceremonies. Its surrounding and top are high-definition LED displays, forming the world’s unique largest pentahedron, naked-eye 3D displays device.

‘World’s largest 8K UHD LED display’ opens Winter Olympics

LED ice waterfall
An LED ice waterfall, which is 20 metres wide and 58 metres high, has a resolution of 2560 x 7328, with the visual quality of the entire opening ceremony reportedly reaching the 16K level, an unprecedented feat in Olympic history. A total of more than 5,800 seconds and 290,000 frames of digital content were created in all links of the opening ceremony. A 14-metre wide and 7-metre high athlete passage lifting screen uses carbon fibre screen and the rest of the ice waterfall screen uses an aluminium bar structure grill screen.

Broadcast control
A broadcast control system, built into the ground display system, was responsible for video playback, decoding and splicing of the opening ceremony’s stage, ice cube, ice waterfall and central round platform. It deals with a total of seven 8K resolutions, and the playback frame rate reaches 50 frames per second, with synchronous playback of more than 27 channels of 4K50Hz video signals, and capture of real-time interactive images. The broadcast control system was also responsible for sending out the playtime trigger signal for the torch and five rings to ensure precise co-ordination of the key visual effects of the opening ceremony.

Reference: Avinteractive