InfoComm 2015 Middle East & Africa Exhibition is held in Dubai. As one of global financial center, Dubai has been entitled as “a capital of trade” in the Middle East and North Africa. The exhibition gathered world’s audio-visual technology companies and top suppliers of education, transportation, security, medical, entertainment, construction, enterprise and government. It was fully supported by Dubai official, on October 21st, the Dubai King came and visited the exhibition too.

After a lot of selection, USER got the honor to cooperate with the InfoComm exhibition in Beijing, and was invited to the exhibition. Besides exhibiting many new products on booth, USER offers products friendly to the sponsor and other exhibitors, comprehensively reveal USER products quality. USER has been chosen by customers and successfully signed order with millions.


Dubai exhibition is our 1st stop to expand overseas market, and make Chinese manufacturing become China’s creation. USER have start innovation and will continue to provide more perfect visual experience. Innovation – we are not only talking about it, but doing it all the time. We diligently worked for 12 years to get a gorgeous turn, there will be one more 12 years to go, USER will keep excellent.