The AI-powered, deep-fake hologram exhibit is based aboard a 12-seater jet, which is travelling through major soccer nations en route to the World Cup in Qatar.

AI Maradona hologram answers questions in flying museum

An AI-powered ‘hologram’ of Diego Maradona is answering questions from fans, in a travelling exhibition located on a working private jet.

The Tango D10S jet and exhibition have been financed by fintech company Give and Get.

G&G CEO Gaston Kolker told Wired Magazine that the visualisation of the deceased footballer would be able to answer questions on “almost anything”. If the software doesn’t understand a question it will change the subject, with answers including “Let’s talk about soccer,” or “Ask me something more interesting.”

The AI-powered Maradona experience uses deep fake technology, combined with data about the footballer’s life.

The airborne museum will be travelling around the world, with a first stop in Argentina, followed by Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, the USA, Rome and Naples in Italy, and Barcelona in Spain. It will end its journey in November in Qatar in time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

“Diego will be learning all this time and will have a lot of surprises for Qatar,” said Kolker.

In addition to asking questions and receiving answers from Maradona, fans will also be able to leave a message, with a view to it being forwarded to the Argentinian footballer in heaven.

Reference : AVinteractive