Image processing system ensures TruePix has no visual distortions, low latency, perfect syncing and no tearing, as well as guaranteeing dimming without any loss in colour accuracy.

Barco launches first LED video wall featuring Infinipix Gen2

Barco has unveiled the first LED video wall platform to incorporate its Infinipix Gen2 image processing system.

TruePix offers a high-quality viewing experience for all types of content, with no visual distortions, low latency, perfect syncing and no tearing. Infinipix Gen2 also guarantees dimming without any loss in colour accuracy. Barco’s proprietary smart calibration method for wide colour gamut support and full-colour balancing control creates rich and true-to-life images.

Barco’s cloud-based Video Wall Management Suite platform allows TruePix to be monitored and controlled remotely. It is also the first LED product to leverage 5Gb bandwidth. This makes the system up to five times more efficient, with fewer cable runs and points of failure – as more LED modules can be connected in a single link. To further guarantee an uninterrupted data flow, four-way inter-tile communication and signal loop redundancy are embedded.

SteadyView improves viewing ergonomics and reduces eye fatigue. This makes TruePix one of the first purpose-built LED walls for critical and high-intensity applications such as control rooms and command centres.

The high-resolution 16:9 tiles are available in multiple options, with pixel pitches ranging from 0.9 to 1.9 mm. TruePix’s auto-balancing system counters imperfections in the flatness of the walls and level of the floors, ensuring the LED wall is 100% level and frictionless.

Installation time is reduced because the tiles all slide perfectly into place without the need for manual adjustments. The guided module insertion ensures a fully contactless and risk-free installation, with no risk of tile damage.

If a module needs to be replaced, Barco guarantees that batch-compatible spare tiles are available for up to 10 years.

The application’s EcoPower mode also ensures reduced energy consumption, helping to limit TruePix’sits ecological footprint.

Reference : AVinteractive