Edge Connect is said to be the first fine pitch LED display with direct HDMI connectivity, with no need for LED display control systems, send-and-receive cards or complex video infrastructures.

VOD Visual launches ‘industry-first’ fine-pitch LED display

VOD Visual has launched the first fine-pitch LED display with direct HDMI connectivity.

The Edge Connect scales and mirrors video content from connected devices, bypassing the need for LED display control systems, send-and-receive cards and complex video infrastructures. Featuring accessible HDMI ports, it allows users to easily and quickly connect standard video playback devices direct to the display. As a result, content can be instantly transmitted without scaling issues to a seamless display of any shape and size.

As with all models in the Edge series, the Edge Connect features 55″ panels which, as the largest single-die-cast cabinets on the market, are designed as a viable replacement for LCDs. The lightweight displays are four times quicker to install, can be wall mounted for rapid deployment and fit seamlessly together to create scalable configurations. As a result, the Edge Connect makes LED display technology competitive compared with its LCD counterparts for digital signage, corporate and educational applications.

The Edge series is the first that can be upgraded while keeping 80 per cent of the component parts in place, extending the product’s lifespan to more than 11 years. The LED modules can be easily swapped out without changes to the underlying infrastructure, so a 2.5mm pixel pitch display can become a 1.2mm, providing a cost-effective solution to enhancing image quality in a sustainable way.

The Edge’s green credentials also extend to the recycling process. With only a quarter of other ranges’ internal components and zero-plastic parts, it reduces the impact of e-waste. Furthermore, the Edge features vastly reduced power-consumption capabilities, while superior thermal management technology creates a cool-to-the-touch display, making it an eco-friendly solution.

“The Edge Connect is a crucial innovation for streamlining the transition from LCD to LED and making it more viable,” said Rob Bint, VOD Visual’s chief executive. “The entire Edge range boasts unrivalled, sustainable and energy-efficient capabilities. Featuring low power consumption technology, usage is reduced by up to 75% for extended product life to over 100,000 hours of operation. It has front serviceability and is three times brighter than LCD. In addition, it features a high dynamic range, high refresh rates and a wide colour gamut of Rec. 709. Image reproduction is lifelike, crisp and does not encounter fading or distortion in any ambient light. This coupled with the enhanced connectivity option is what the industry has been waiting for to aid in the transition away from LCD video walls.”

Reference : AVinteractive