Visitors to Whittier library in California are briefly immersed by LED technology on three sides, thanks to an arch formed by two dual-sided, floor-to-ceiling columns and a horizontal section.

Electrosonic provides 2.3 million pixel LED portal for library

Electrosonic has overseen a project to install a digital archway that greets visitors to the main branch of Whittier Public Library in California.

The AV integrator and experiential technology company teamed up with SNA Displays, which manufactured the LED displays and supported the installation, and content provider Render Impact.

SNA Displays’ 2.5mm BOLD Interior LED display comprises two dual-sided columns joined overhead at a 90-degree angle by the third section of the screen. Each floor-to-ceiling column is about 76cm wide. As visitors pass through the ‘digital portal’, which separates the main library from the children’s section, they are briefly immersed on three sides by LED video technology.

Electrosonic managed the installation of the display system, which processes more than 2.3 million pixels. The installation required careful coordination with the architectural and integrator teams to place the arch in the space while considering the surrounding walls and passageway, efficiently landing power and data cabling, and ensuring adequate ventilation.

Render Impact was tasked with creating engaging content, as most of its work has been outside the 16:9 format, including digital ceilings, floors and column wraps. The company devised four pieces of content: an underwater scene; historic images of the city of Whittier; a bookshelf canvas; and a nature scene featuring the library’s mascot, Leo the Lion.

Dan Maher, production manager at Render Impact, said: “The non-standard screen format of the LED archway always creates a playful canvas, as seen in the bookshelves animation. Creating content for both sides of the archway — the public side and children’s side — gave us a great opportunity to craft imagery for a broader range of audiences. The longer runtime of the 3D-animated underwater scene allowed us to mix in several small moments for patrons to discover.”

Mikell Senger, senior project manager at SNA Displays, said: “SNA Displays can adapt to any setting and bring new life to any interior space. Digital displays in public areas like this are ideal for sparking the imagination or setting the right mood. I’m excited for children and adults alike to experience that wonder.”

Reference : AVinteractive