Vesna, who is generated by an eight-unit Hypervsn Wall, has been programmed to deal with 150 common questions and scenarios at an Erste Bank branch in the Slovakian capital, Bratislava.

Hypervsn tech creates first ‘holographic banking assistant’

Slovakia’s largest commercial bank has used Hypervsn to create the ‘first-ever virtual banking assistant that has a visual holographic form’.

Slovenská Sporiteľňa installed an eight-unit Hypervsn Wall to give a visual appearance to its virtual assistant, Vesna. The 3D holographic solution was installed at the bank’s branch at the Nivy mall in Bratislava by Hypervsn’s partner in Slovakia, Optio.

Vesna combines a range of technologies including machine learning, text to speech and voice recognition. Microphones and speakers installed in the branch detect voice commands and allow the holograph to respond to customer questions regarding accounts, cards, investing and the bank’s electronic banking system.

Thousands of Slovaks have taken part in a survey, sharing their ideas on the holograph’s appearance and body language.

Vesna can address the most frequently asked questions – 150 scenarios have been programmed – from numerous clients at the same time, allowing the bank’s staff to spend time handling more complicated issues. The holograph helps enhance the customer experience and creates the illusion of a real conversation with a living person.

‘We’ve spent almost two years developing this project,” said Matej Sulgan, the chief executive of Optio. “During the first month, Vesna answered 10,000 customer questions, and we expect even greater results with this project moving to Hypervsn SmartV, which would speed up the process of answering the questions.”

Slovenská Sporiteľňa plans to install the virtual banking assistant in other branches.

Reference : AVinteractive