A 146″ 4K Samsung The Wall microLED display has been installed by integrator HiiLIFE at the former England captain’s home, paired with Dolby Atmos.

Football hero John Terry’s Samsung The Wall cinema room

Former England football hero John Terry has welcomed a 146″ 4K Samsung The Wall microLED display into the cinema room at this home.

The display, installed by integrator HiiLIFE, has been paired with Dolby Atmos surround sound and custom interior design.

The Wall display was installed as part of a planned refurbishment at the home of the former England, Chelsea and Aston Villa team captain. The refurbishment plans also included a new swimming pool, tennis courts, a wine and trophy room, and gym.

Football hero John Terry’s Samsung The Wall cinema room

Images of the cinema room can be seen in an Instagram video, where HiiLIFE managing director Tom Brittain interviews both Terry and Murtaza Bukhari, Samsung’s general manager of strategic enterprise partnerships for Europe and the UK.

In the video, Terry said: “From a work perspective it’s great as I watch a lot of games and study games as well. So to be in here shut away with the Wall is incredible and a great way of working for me moving forward. A lot of coaching and managerial stuff will be going on in here, for sure.”

Terry said the display had also encouraged his children to spend less time in their rooms and more time with their mum and dad, even bringing their friends down to the cinema room.

Football hero John Terry’s Samsung The Wall cinema room

In the video, Samsung’s Bukhari added: “The Wall is one of our most exclusive products and one of the best viewing experiences in the world. At 146” it provides an extremely immersive experience. Designed for high-end luxury estates, it has microLED technology and gives you that full experience through colour, so it will look absolutely stunning in your space.

“The great thing about the Wall is its modular design so it can be made to fit any size. HiiLIFE has just installed a 300” screen in Knightsbridge so you can see Samsung is fitting these in many versatile environments and we are so honoured to have this in your home.”

Reference : AVinteractive